Guest houses in the Mira villa

The situated nearby “Mira” villa, which owner is a friend of us, offers you guest houses.

P526003901 300x225 Guest houses in the Mira villa

Guest houses in the Mira villa

Near BIONIKA, there is the Mira villa where you can book guest rooms and a separate flat with rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The villa is situated by the promenade, near the harbour canal, 2 km from the beach. It is surrounded by a few single family dwellings. It borders on a forest /a park/ which goes all the way from the Morska Street and the promenade to the seaside district and beaches.

The area is fenced. There is a nice backyard and a small orchard full of greenery and flowers. It is possible to rent a garage.

Contact with the owner of the villa:

Phone +48 94 314 2210
Mobile +48 505280872