Canoeing trips


Canoeing trips are full of adventure and fun. But thanks to them you may also spend time actively.We invite you for a one-day trip along the Wieprza river.

We organize trips through the lower part of the river. Our trips start in Mazów situated 27 km from Darłowo /by canoe/. The trips end in our campground by the river. The river flows to the Baltic Sea 2.5 km from there and a harbour canal is placed 50 m away. More experienced travellers /if the weather conditions are fine, with permission given by the harbour master’s office/ can canoe beyond the so-called “heads” to the sea and come back to our campground.
The lower reaches of the river are quite easy and should not be difficult to canoe for less experienced canoeists. The views are varied and a great part of the banks is covered with trees. Here, the river flows in meanders.

Suggested canoe routes
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To make the start easier, we suggest you to begin the trip near the new bridge in the Mazów village. There is a forest on the right bank of the river. You have to canoe 27 km to BIONIKA.
Three kilometres down the river, we go past the Stary Kraków village, situated on the left. We canoe under an old bridge. 19.5 km from our destination, on the right we can see the Kowalewiczki village and after another 1.5 km, on the left, Kowalewice. It is possible to spot a church. We canoe under another bridge. After covering 15.5 km, we pass by the Lasek village. This several kilometres’ part is the most attractive. We can spot there many wind-felled trees and numerous wild boar tracks. The river becomes wider and slower, with less bends. 11 km from Darłowo, on the right, the Zielnowo village is situated. Here, the Stobnica river flows to Wieprza. The area is marshy and embanked. After 1 km, on the right, we can see from our canoes buildings of the Zakrzewo village. Again, we canoe under a bridge.

We approach Darłowo. The wind from the river might be quite strong. 7 km from Darłowo on the right we can see outbuildings. Darłowo is a city of monuments: the castle of Pomeranian Dukes, the town hall, the High Gate /c14th/, St. Mary’s Basilica with a sarcophagus of King Eric of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and St. Gertrude’s Church. Keep to the right side of the river to reach the surroundings of a castle and a burned watermill. Before a dam on the left, there are areas owned by ZWP. Thanks to the owner’s kindness, we may canoe below the dam. There are 500 m to the campground and 3.5 km to the sea. The place where we stop is the BIONIKA campground situated on the right. On the banks, there is an old growth forest. You may see holiday houses from the canoe. On the left, there is a concrete slipway and a damaged wooden harbour. 100 m below, a harbour canal begins. There is no footbridge over the river. The northern ring road of Darłowo is being built there. New wharves (on the right) were built and the promenade to the sea is almost finished. There are 2.2 km to the place where Wieprza flows to the sea. Canoeing through the harbour canal, on the left, 1.2 km from the sea, we pass by the mouth of the Grabowa river.

We arrive in port and canoe under the drawbridge 0.3 km from the sea. On the right, we can see a lighthouse and, on the left, a harbour master’s office. There are concrete breakwaters with heads at their ends.
Wieprza is one of the most beautiful rivers of Pomerania. It is a difficult and demanding route.
The river starts near Kramarzyny /161 meters above sea level/ situated in the route Bytów – Miastko. After canoeing through big meanders to the north and Tyno, it turns suddenly west and flows into the Baltic Sea.
The river length: 120 km.
The route length: 88 km; together with the part of the Studnica river: 103 km
The Wieprza river drop (through the route): 63 cm/km