Welcome on our BIONIKA campground website.

Welcome to the website of the “BIONIKA Przystań” farm.

The farm is located in the area covered by the NATURA 2000 European conservation programme “Dolina Wieprzy i Studnicy” and the “Koszalin Coastal Belt” Protected Landscape Area. We would like to offer you a stay of a family nature: surrounded by nature, as far as possible providing peace and quiet. We are committed to making the Farmhouse child-friendly.  We would like to ensure that you enjoy your holiday with us. The regulations are intended to help you and us do this.

By entering, browsing and using our website and/or making a booking you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions.


1.General principles

  1. 1.Please keep quiet at night from 22.00 to 7.00 in the morning and respect the peace of others, also during the day. We especially ask you not to force others to listen to even your most favourite songs from your speakers
  2. Check-in time:
  • for stays in cottages, we start at hrs. 4.00 p.m., ending at 10:00.
  • for the camp site, the day begins at hrs. 8.00 a.m. and ends at. 12:00 PM
  • reservations and check-ins at the Farm are made during the following hours. 8.00 – 21.00. 
  • Delayed departure or leaving the vehicle on the premises of the Farm after the regulatory time specified above is chargeable:
  • up to three hours – 50% of the price list fee for a daily stay
  • over 3 hours – 100% of the price list fee for a daily stay

2.Booking rules

  • Only stays in chalets/dutch trailers are subject to reservation.
  • we do not reserve places for caravans, tents or campers.
  • A reservation can be made by phone, on the Internet, in writing or in person at the reception desk of the Farm, with the reservation being considered effective only when the reserved stay has been paid for and the reservation has been confirmed (also verbally) by the Farm. Confirmation of the booking is provided by full payment of the amount due for the stay by the agreed date, no more than 3 days from the date of notification.
  • please make your payments within the statutory deadlines. Please do not make payment for your stay without agreeing this with the Farm and after the agreed date.
  • The booking of a stay under the conditions agreed above is confirmation of the conclusion of a commercial contract for the provision of travel services. By booking a stay or renting a cottage/place to stay, you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with our company. The legal basis binding the parties is the Travel Services Act and these regulations.
  • payment for a stay without these conditions may result in the invalidation of the booking
  • payments should be made to:

BIONIKA Przystań ul. Morska 61, 76-150 Darłowo

directly at the Farm’s cash desk or to the following bank account number held at:

PKO BP O/Darłowo 07 1020 4681 0000 1802 0004 3463
IBAN PL 07 1020 4681 0000 1802 0004 3463

  • Failure to receive payment by the agreed deadline means cancellation of the booking and results in automatic deletion from the Farm’s pre-booking system and recognition that a contract for the provision of travel services has not been concluded between the parties.

3. Cancellation policy

  • By cancelling the booked stay, you forfeit the deposit paid.

4.Rules for bringing in people from outside and people entering the Farm from the river side

  1. Only persons registered here are entitled to stay on the Farm.
  2. Entrance to the premises of the Farm /also from the water side/ with the intention of even stopping temporarily, is payable according to the rules given below.
  3. Please notify Farm staff of invited outside guests when they enter the Farm for the purpose of registering them, and inform them of their departure in a way that gives Farm staff full control and knowledge of the people on our premises. The lack of staff at the Reception is not an excuse for not fulfilling this duty, which is incumbent on the person inviting external guests.
  4. Any person entering the Farm is entering our private property and we expect behaviour respectful of this condition on their part especially by reporting entry and exit to staff. We do not accept the entry and exit of non-registered persons without informing the staff of the Farm /verbally or by telephone/ each time, allowing the staff to note this. The staff of the Farm has the right not to let in persons: without a confirmed invitation; refusing to provide personal information; ignoring the rules set out above by them or the inviting persons. Persons refused entry by staff are required to leave the Farm premises immediately.
  5. Persons who are not registered at the Farm are asked to leave by no later than 8:00 PM
  6. You acknowledge and agree that you will make a charge of 50% of the list rate for the mere entry of your guests to the Farm. For guests staying more than 2 hours, you will be charged for these persons as if they were registered at the Farm. Failure to leave the Farm by external persons by 20:00 violates the rules of good conduct and involves doubling of the price list charges and staff intervention to enforce the bylaws immediately.


The car park is under surveillance but is not a guarded car park

  1. Parking is for guests registered at the Farm only.
  2. People staying at the Farm at your invitation are asked to leave their vehicles outside the campsite. Car entry of non-registered persons requires staff approval and payment of fees:

– temporary access to the car park up to 15 min. – 50% of the list price per vehicle

– leaving the car more than 15 min. – up to 2 hours 100% price

– 50% of the list price for each additional hour of parking

Fees and residence rules for those entering are described in section.4  of the General Terms and Conditions.

6.Vehicles in the camping area /not applicable to the indoor car park/.

  1. Only the vehicles in which you are sleeping enter and stand in the camping area. The exception to this is for vehicles required to position the caravan when setting up or taking away. 
  2. We do not provide spaces for parking a car near the occupied cottage, caravan or tent. Please park only in the areas designated for this purpose /parking/. A derogation may apply in individual cases, e.g. for persons with a disability that makes it difficult to move about on their own, and requires agreement with staff on the use of the vehicle and the fees involved.
  3. The introduction of a vehicle without agreement onto the green area will be treated as unwarranted movement of a vehicle on the camping area and will result in additional charges being levied. If the turf is damaged as a result of unarranged vehicle movement, the Farm is entitled to charge additional costs. 
  4. Persons sleeping in vehicles set up in the camping area /outside the car park/, acknowledge that the price of the stay only applies to two trips around the camping area: the first to set up the vehicle in the designated place and the second, at the end of the stay, to leave the Farm. All other rides in the camping area are unacceptable and chargeable.
  5. Please follow the rule: first select a parking space and agree this with the staff, then position the vehicle in that location. We do not drive around the site to select a parking location. The most common explanations for an unjustified drive are, for example, that it is raining and we forgot our umbrella; the sun has changed position and is now shining from a different direction /or is not shining but was shining/; we want to make it easier to fill up with water or pour sewage from a cassette located too far from the stopping point; we want to do more shopping in the city; we have planned an excursion, etc. Please report and pay for these rides in accordance with the Regulations and Price List. 
  6. Non-arranged journeys are charged an additional fare of PLN 40 per journey. For an agreed £20 per ride. 


Your pets are welcome with us. However, we ask that you have your four-legged dog’s current vaccination booklet, that you also clean up litter in the ‘forest’ on the Farm and that you only walk your dog on a lead.


We ask that children only use the playground and the riverfront under adult supervision.


  • Please do not litter the area with cigarette butts, and keep the sanitary facilities and the Farm premises tidy.
  • please do not cut bushes, branches.
  • please do not tie cords to trees and shrubs and do not hang laundry on shrubs.
  • please do not wash cars on the Farm.
  • please position your barbecue at a height that does not burn the grass beneath it.
  • Dispose of cassette waste only in a dedicated area. Please do not pour waste from the cassettes in the toilets.
  • The Farm has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions and the price list at any time.
  • any disputes requiring judicial resolution shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the registered office of BIONIKA / Commercial Court in Koszalin/.

We do not negotiate the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. If any of the points do not suit you and you do not intend to respect them, it only means that this is not the place for you.

The staff of the Farm has the right to apply legal remedies other than statutory fees in the event of non-compliance with the Rules or instructions. 

10.Stay in chalets/”Dutch” caravans/

  • The handover and acceptance /after your stay/ of the holiday home takes place in the presence of the staff of the Farm.
    Please report any comments and objections relevant to the proper execution of the contract binding the parties without delay in order to resolve them on site. Objections that may affect the amendment of the contractual terms binding on the parties should be made in writing or by e-mail.
  • we offer you family cottages /”dutch” trailers / four-bed cabins. A description of the cottages can be found under “Cottages”. The stay of additional persons requires agreement and payment according to the price list.
  • please report any faults or damage caused during the use of the cottage without delay and settle on the spot.
  • please leave your holiday home in good order. A one-off fee will be charged for an uncleaned cottage in accordance with the price list.
    An additional fee will be charged for changing the bed linen on request /by arrangement/ in the amount specified in the price list.
  • no smoking in the cottages
  • The cottages are insured together with their equipment and the Farm is a closed and supervised area. The farm, however, takes no responsibility for valuables and money left in the cottages/tents except for claims covered by the insurer. Please take due care in closing windows and doors when leaving your chalet, tent or campervan.


Fishing requires the owner’s permission and a fee in accordance with the price list of the Wieprza river manager

Thank you for cooperation. Have a nice stay.

Owner: Sławomir Balcerzak