Welcome on our BIONIKA campground website.

Our campground is situated on the Natura 2000 protected areas named “Dolina Wieprzy i Studnicy” and the protected nature park of “Koszaliński Pas Nadmorski” [Koszalin Coastal Belt].

We would like to offer you family holidays: in a quiet place surrounded by nature. We aim at being friendly with children. We want to be sure that you are enjoying your stay here. The terms and conditions have been prepared to help each other.

By entering, browsing, using our website and/or booking, you confirm that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Regulations – Terms and Conditions
1. Camping arrivals start at 4.00 pm. All pitches and houses must be vacated by 10 noon.

Booking terms and conditions
2. It is possible to book our services online, by phone, by writing to us (faxes and registered letters) or by coming in person to our reception with the reservation that your booking is fully accepted only after you put down a deposit and our receptionist confirms (also orally) your booking.
3. By putting down a deposit, you confirm that you have concluded a trade agreement on tourism service provision. Booking your stay, you enter into a legal contract with our company. The legal basis of the mentioned agreement is the Act on Tourism Services [Ustawa o usługach turystycznych].
4. You confirm your booking by putting down a deposit in due time (not longer than 3 days) in the amount of at least 30% of the payment for your stay but not less than the payment for a two-day stay.
5. The deposit should be paid directly at the campground reception desk:

BIONIKA Przystań ul. Morska 61, 76-150 Darłowo
or by money transfer to the following bank account::
PKO BP O/Darłowo 07 1020 4681 0000 1802 0004 3463
IBAN PL 07 1020 4681 0000 1802 0004 3463

6. If the deposit is not received in due time, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. It is tantamount to deleting your data automatically from our booking system. It also means that no agreement on tourism service provision has been concluded between the parties.
7. The total payment for ordered tourism services, minus the deposit, should be paid in cash at the reception desk or by money transfer (in this case, you will be asked to put forward a copy of a bank transfer receipt) not later than in the day you arrive to the campground.
8. If a copy of a bank transfer receipt is not put forward not later than in the day of your arrival to the Campground (unless otherwise agreed between the parties), the Campground reserves the right to withdraw from the contract and stop providing services which are the subject of the contract on tourism service provision.
Payments by credit card or money transfer
9. Payments by money transfer or credit card shall be handled by Dotpay. The campground employees are not entitled and will never ask for your personal information which makes it possible to use your card. Dotpay also does not provide us with such information.

Cancellation conditions
10. At any time, your booking or stay can be cancelled. However, in such cases, the deposit you paid is not refundable.
The deposit might also not be refunded if, without the Campground consent, you do not pay the total amount in the day of your arrival and the Campground exercises their rights to withdraw immediately from the concluded agreement.
If the agreement is withdrawn less than one month before the planned stay, the Campground reserves the right to receive the amount equal to lost earnings in the amount of the full and due payment for the booked stay.
Clients reserve the right to reimburse an overpayment of the deposit determined in point 4.
11. Booking cancellation on the conditions specified above should be delivered in writing (by fax, registered letter or email).

12. You may check in or out from a holiday house only in the presence of the Campground personnel.
Any remarks and reservations important to perform a contract should be submitted without delay in order to deal with them immediately. Reservations which may affect changes of terms and conditions of an existing contract should be delivered in writing, by fax or by email.
13. Our four-person holiday houses are made available to you. Their description can be found in the “Holiday Houses” section. If any additional person is going to stay, we have to agree for that. Additional beds are available only at your request and have to be confirmed by the Campground.
14. Any defect or fault occurring during your stay should be reported immediately. Please inform us about damages and settle accounts with no delay.
15. Please clean the house before you leave it. If the house is not cleaned, the one-time charge of PLN 50 will be applied.
16. Additional charges shall apply for changing the bed linen on request: PLN 10 / a set per a person.
17. The houses and their contents are insured and the Campground is enclosed and guarded. However, the Campground shall not take the responsibility for left in houses/tents valuables or money with the exception of claims accepted by the insurer. Please exercise due diligence: close windows and lock doors while leaving houses, tents and caravans.
18. Please respect quiet time between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am and the rights of others to enjoy the quiet, also during the day. Please do not force others to listen to the music from your radio set.
19. Only a person who is checked into the Campground is entitled to stay within its borders. Please inform the personnel when your guests not staying in the Campground enter and leave the Campground. Any person not checked into the Campground should leave it at 10.00 pm at the latest. If a person not checked into the Campground stays longer than 2 hours or does not leave the Campground at 10.00 pm at the latest, s/he should be checked into and pay according to the current price list. Guests not checked into are not entitled to use sanitary rooms or car parks.
20. It is not allowed to park near a house or a tent. Please park your vehicles only in determined parking places, not on the grass. In isolated cases, when a vehicle is parked in the grass, a vehicle fare shall be applied for every passage according to the current price list.
21. The car park is not guarded although is constantly under supervision.
22. Only guest checked into the Campground can use the car park. Each person invited to our Campground by our guest is asked to park their vehicles outside the Campground. If a vehicle is parked in the Campground, a fee shall be applied. A minimum fee is a payment for a vehicle per one day.
23. Pets are welcomed. However, we ask you to take with you valid vaccination certificates. Please clean up after your pets, also in the “forest” belonging to the Campground, and have your dog always on a leash.
24. Please do not leave children unattended in the playground and near the river banks.
25. It is not allowed to smoke in houses.
26. Please do not leave butt ends on the ground, keep in good order sanitary rooms and the whole Campground.
27. Please do not cut down bushes or break branches.
28. Please do not tie ropes to trees or bushes and do not hang your washing on bushes.
29. Please do not clean your car in the Campground.
30. The wastes should be disposed of only in places specially determined to do so. Please do not dispose of the wastes in the sanitary rooms.

All the disputes arising herefrom between the parties shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the BIONIKA company’s seat /the Commercial Court of Law in Koszalin/. In case of any language discrepancies, the Polish version will prevail.

Thank you for cooperation. Have a nice stay.

Owner: Sławomir Balcerzak