Since 2013, ferry services between Darłowo and Nexo in Bornholm have been restarted. Cruises to Bornholm might add variety to our stay in Darłowo.

If you plan your trip to Bornholm, please don’t forget that you should always check the news available at the website of Kołobrzeska Żegluga Pasażerska You may also ask about the cruises at the phone number +48 519303032.

Bornholm is a small Danish island situated in the Baltic Sea between Poland and the Scandinavian Peninsula. Cruises from Darłowo end in the Nexo town on the east coast of Bornholm.

Documented history of the first settlement in Bornholm dates as far back as to prehistoric times. The oldest tracks are from 9000 – 8000 BC (the Mesolithic). People lived in forests, near river banks, lake shores and marshes. Their main activities were hunting and fishing. In this period, dogs were domesticated.
In those times, Bornholm was not an island. It was connected by land with the terrains of today’s Central Europe and was separating from it in the period between 6800 and 4500 BC. Excavation works showed that animals hunted the most often were deer, boars and seals.
The first tracks of farming are dated back to 3500 BC. Then, nearby Aakirkeby, a fortified camp was built. Its remains, i.e. fortifications and earthworks, are living presence of those times today.
Numerous rock engravings are dated back to the end of the second millennium BC. Widely distributed menhirs are characteristic to the Celtic period. They were even or partially even upright standing stones present on graves. The stones were distributed separately or in rows or circles. Their height is 4-20 m and weight up to 50 t.